Each state has its own method of selecting athletes to participate in the Mid-East Cross Country Championships as determined by that state's cross country coaches association. 

The Mid-East organizing committee only requires that every participant be a high school senior. For instance, Michigan conducts a qualifying run-off the week after its state meet and one week before the Mid-East Cross Country Championships. For information on qualification and selection, please contact your state's head coach for more information. 

Here are the most recent state coaches & e-mail addresses:

Illinois: Jim Milner; email: jmilner@sd308.org

Indiana: Paige Brunner; email: paigebr@ohusc.k12.in.us

Michigan: Takashi Gould; email: takashigould@gmail.com

Ohio (girls): Anjanette Whitman; email: awhitman@lutheranwest.com                                                       

Ohio (boys): Chris Arno; email: coacharno@comcast.net

Ohio (boys) Asst: Matt Paxton; email: coachpaxton@gmail.com